Monday, 22 July 2013

Update (1)

It would seem this blog is becoming less of a short story site, and more of a 'series of short stories which are actually chapters to a bigger story which cannot really be classed as a short story, but then again isn't exactly a novella, so who the hell knows what it is...' blog.

That being said, if you didn't figure it out, 'The Tapping on the Window', and 'The Footsteps in the Forest' are both from the same series, which collectively i'm going to refer to as 'The Timothy Dallow Chronicles' mainly because I can't think of another name, and also because I actually think that name is kind of cool. Each 'chapter' will retain it's own name, but I shall put a little bracket after each 'chapter' that looks something like this:

(TDC Part_)

Just so it is nice and clear which series that particular story belongs to.

The third (and most likely final) installment of 'Words Over Coffee,' is yet to be imagined, i'm not entirely sure when I will get round to that, but I will finish it soon... hopefully.

Then finally, the latest story 'Glyphs' which I am super excited about will also be a series, and to keep that one simple each new installment will just be 'Glyphs (Part 1)', 'Glyphs (Part 2)', 'Glyphs (Part 3)' and so on and so on.

Okay, just thought I should post a little update so everyone knows where everything stands, not that I have many regular viewers anyway :)

P.S. I  may changing some of the layout of the blog soon, as I am now getting a better understanding of the whole thing.

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