Saturday, 3 August 2013

Update (August)

I figured I should do a monthly update thing... don't ask me why I figured that, I just did.

This month I'm going to try my best to do at least a couple of stand alone short stories instead of these series' I'm currently working on. I have a couple of ideas at the minute, but none of them are fully formed yet, we shall see what happens... I came to this conclusion because I understand how misleading the title of "short stories" can be if the stories actually happen to be quite long, only they are spaced out in shorter intervals. 

Aside from that, things should hopefully continue on as usual... I'll blurt out the last segment of 'Words Over Coffee' this month, as well as the next 'Timothy Dallow Chronicles' installment (I'm actually hoping to get at least two done), and finally continue on with 'Glyph.' I'm aware that one is a bit slow to start, but I promise you that it is going to get much, much better, and far more exciting than it currently is :)

And that's it for this month... thanks for joining me in this weird... thing... I'm creating :)


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